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Welcome to Panem Icontest! This community focuses on the epic trilogy The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins.

Every week, a new prompt is set up to challenge icon makers. At the end of each challenge, the top three (and sometimes a special category) will be awarded with a nifty banner. Then at the end of each month, the first place icons will be entered into an Icon of the Month poll. The winning icon gets be the community's default icon until the next IOTM poll.

Rules & Guidelines
Do not use an icon you found in this community before asking the maker first.
We don't want to limit creativity. You are free to find your own images and you are free to use the official cast or your dream cast (unless otherwise stated).
Icons must fit LJ standards (100x100 and 40kbs or less). PNG, JPG, GIF.
Icons must be made specifically for the challenge. Don't post them anywhere else until voting is over.
Four icons per challenge.
The point of challenge communities, in my opinion, is to help icon makers try new things and improve their craft. So don't follow tutorials too closely, don't copy anyone else's work, and don't enter variations of the same icon. All bases, including manips, must be made by you. Experiment! Don't be afraid to try new things!
Be sure to read the rules for each challenge as they might change from time to time.
Most importantly, have fun! This is just a friendly contest.

To enter, simply post the icons using HTML and then the links under them. Like so:


Voting and Schedule
Don't vote for yourself.
You can ask your friends to vote but DON'T tell them which icons are yours.
Anonymous votes will be ignored.

Challenges go for one week, voting lasts 3 days (more like 2 and a half).

1st Friday: Challenge posted.
2nd Friday: Challenge ended, voting posted.
Sunday: Winners announced, banner posted.

The following are great places to find images if you don't know where to look.
Trailer Caps | Stills

Jennifer Lawrence | Liam Hemsworth | Josh Hutcherson | Elizabeth Banks

Your mods are phoenix39 and betty_mraz. Any questions or concerns? Drop a comment here or please PM one of us!

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